1 Cent CS:GO Skins: What Are They Good For?

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1 euro cent coin

We usually tend to write about top-grade CSGO skins that cost hundreds of dollars. Or we write about cheap but nice skins. Today, however, it is time for a small twist – 1 cent CSGO skins. 

1 cent CSGO skins – In-depth 2019

Among all the hundreds of skins or even thousands when taking into consideration versions and quality levels, there is a number of CSGO skins for 1 cent. You could call them the cheapest of the cheap as the only lower price would be to give them out for free. Or to pay someone to take them off you.

Either way, these 1 cent CSGO skins have some common features. For example, they are all of the lowest, Consumer-grade and can’t be found only as random drops after a match. I have picked five 1 cent CSGO skins that would well describe their main features and can be used to characterize the whole group. 

PP-Bizon | Facility Sketch

pp bizon facility sketch csgo skin

We often tend to think that cheap skins have to be ugly or boring. In that case, CSGO 1 cent skins would have to be pure monstrosities, repulsive yet bland. In the case of Facility Sketch, you couldn’t be more wrong! This is one of the Best CSGO 1 cent skins out there. It is covered in a pattern resembling a nuclear power plant on a gray base. This is accompanied with a black grip and a neat dark blue details. It came as a Common skin in the 2018 Nuke Collection and stayed in CSGO as one of the cheapest skins. Although it usually costs around $0.05, you can find Field-Tested pieces for $0.01 making it one of the best 1 cent CSGO skins.

P250 | Facility Draft

p250 facility draft csgo skin

Another skin from the 2018 Nuke Collection, P250 | Facility Draft is also covered in a pattern of a nuclear power plant. This time, however, it is a red, dark base with bright red details on the magazine. Just like PP-Bizon | Facility Sketch, it is usually available for $0.05, but can be found for 1 cent from time to time, especially at third-party markets. 

Tec-9 | Army Mesh

tec-9 army mesh csgo skin

Now, this edition of Army Mech is not as boring and ugly as the other once, as it has some green, reddish and yellow hues which gives it a more finished look. Mesh stencil pattern is also much more vivid and detailed. Still, Tec-9 is not one of the main weapons, but rather one of the options during an eco-round, thus you will rarely look at it. It is often available as 1 cent CSGO skin on the third-party markets or used as a free gift during a person-to-person trade. 

Five-SeveN | Coolant

five-seven coolant csgo skin

Yet another skin from the 2018 Nuke Collection. This Consumer Grade Pistol does not depict the whole nuclear facility. This time, it is only the pipes on the top of the gun. The low rarity, weird color palette, and the fact that this is a pistol skin make it a good candidate for one of the Best CSGO 1 cent skins.

SG 553 | Army Sheen

sg 553 army sheen csgo skin

Now, this is ugly. One of the weirdest skins there are, with a very unsettling coloring and design. The body is covered with a camouflage foil stamp, the magazine and scope are just olive green and the rest of the gun is dark grey. Well, with the exception of the muzzle and the muzzle sight which is metallic gold. You can rarely find someone using it, thus it is one of the unwanted 1 cent CSGO skins. 

Where can you get 1 cent CSGO skins?

There are two ways of obtaining CSGO skins for 1 cent. The first is to just play the game. Practically all 1 cent CSGO skins are of Consumer Grade, which are the most common and plain items. You will often receive a Consumer Grade skins after a match as a random reward. The second way is to buy them from the market. Well, they cost only 1 cent, so it shouldn’t be too hard to manage. If you are desperate, you may trade with someone that has one of them and exchange them for another $0.01 skin. Or a $0.05 if you feel generous. 

Buying and selling 1 cent CSGO skins

The best way to buy 1 cent CSGO skins is to go to the Community Market and pick one of the listed items. There should be thousands of such skins listed as people tend to get rid of them on a daily basis. You can also try third-party markets and trading hubs. This time around, there is a little chance someone will try to scam you out of your CSGO skins for 1 cent. Therefore, this may be the most secure thrid-party websites transaction possible considering the state of CSGO scams and how widespread the hoax offers are.

If you want to sell your CSGO 1 cent skins, you may have some problems. First of all, there are thousands of offers on the Community Market that are of the same price. You also can’t really lower the price to be first in the queue. This makes your skin enter the longest queue ever. Third-party markets may be faster, but is there a point in listing out skins worth exactly $0.01? You would have to sell around 100 of them to even payout your money. The best way is to find someone that wants to do Trade Up contracts and sell them to him or her in a bulk. Lastly, you can just do a Trade Up contract yourself and sell the Industrial Grade skin you will get from it instead. 

Which 1 cent CSGO skins should you consider obtaining?

All of them if you wish to perform some Trade Up contracts. Otherwise, just go for the once that you really like. Buying stuff just because you can isn’t really that smart because you will soon fill out your Steam Inventory with useless 1 cent CSGO skins. 


Here it is – the insight into 1 cent CSGO skins. Because of their extremely low price, there are a rather hard topic to research and even harder to get any serious analysis of their market value going. They are just cheap. Some are nice, some are ugly, all of them dirt cheap and quite common.