Weekly CS:GO Esports Recap | June 22nd, 2020

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weekly csgo recap june 15

When Complexity owner Jason Lake tweeted in August that he’s ready to build a juggernaut after his previous roster failed to reach their goals once again, people kind of scoffed at the idea. While the new Danish-American roster might not be in full juggernaut mode, their victory at Blast Premier Spring 2020 EU shows that they’re on the right track.

After a thrilling comeback against Vitality on Mirage, Complexity became the second underdog in a row to steal victory away from a French squad, creating what is surely a worrying pattern for French CSGO. Eventually, Complexity closed the match out 2-1 on Nuke after great performances from Benjamin “BlameF” Brener and Valentin “poizon” Vasilev throughout the series.

The French outfit lost despite a monstrous 80 kills and 104 damage per round from Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, who just wasn’t able to carry his team to victory despite his best efforts. While Blast lacked some T1 teams, Complexity’s victory over the likes of FaZe, Vitality, Na’Vi, and G2 has to put them as a real threat on the European map.

Meanwhile, in NA Evil Geniuses took out MIBR in a tense rematch of the upper semi-finals. Don’t let the 2-0 scoreline fool you, both maps went the distance, with Inferno going into Overtime where EG eventually managed to beat the Brazilian side. 

After a surprising resurgence from both teams in the BLAST circuit, the question is can they carry momentum into the Major qualifiers organized as cs_summit 6. These questions will be answered over the next few weeks of competition, with all the T1 teams except for Astralis who are taking a break due to their roster shuffles in attendance, the tournament is bound to be interesting. Will the French scene finally get a win in 2020? Will Mousesports and Fnatic bounce back from their woes? Will BIG and Complexity continue their underdog runs? All those questions will be answered soon enough.
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