CS:GO Spectrum Case Skins – Find Out Which One Is The Best

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Among the dozens of weapon cases available in CSGO Spectrum Case is one of the more interesting cases when it comes to its contents. Today, we will take a closer look at the first Spectrum Case and the Spectrum Case skins that could be considered as the best out of the whole case.

CSGO Spectrum Case Skins: In-depth look in 2019

Spectrum Case is a weapon case in Counter-Stike: Global Offensive. It consists almost entirely of the well-known, liked or outright famous skins, which, for any case is quite unusual. It was released on March 15, 2017, during a routine update. Other than the listed new skins, Spectrum Case CSGO skins list also has knife finishes for the models released with the Chroma Case: Butterfly Knife, Shadow Daggers, Falchion Knife, Bowie Knife, and Huntsman Knife. Traditionally, you have to have a Spectrum Case Key to open it for some new Spectrum Case CSGO skins.

Out of all Spectrum Case skins, we decided to focus on the first (rarest) five. We’ll now go over them and discuss their main features like design elements, style, the weapon for which they are, and of course their market value and price. 

AK-47 | Bloodsport

ak47 bloodsport csgo skin

Fully covered in white logos over the red and black hydrographic background with yellow details on the magazine, barrel, muzzle sight. One of the two covert skins out of all CSGO Spectrum Case skins gives off a high-tech, dangerous and ferocious look, just like the design of a high-end sports car it was most likely based on. The AK47’s high rate of fire and considerable recoil together with Bloodsport finish makes it look even faster and more dangerous. When it comes to price, you’ll get one for around $50. However, StatTrak versions cost a lot more, between $100 and $200.

USP-S | Neo-Noir

usps neo noir csgo skin

A part of the Neo-Noir collection, USPS Neo-Noir is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to complete their collection of vaporwave skins. Artwise it is, obviously, in Noir style – dark background complimenting acidic pinkish and blueish outlines of a woman, her hair falling on the pistol handle. When it comes to a price, it isn’t a very rare skin and can be easily bought and sold for around $50 for Factory New and as low as $10 for Battle-Scarred. This is the second of the covert Spectrum Case skins CSGO community was introduced to. 

M4A1-S | Decimator

m4a1s decimator csgo skin

This M4A1S skin is perfect for people in love with future-retro stylistics. If you liked the Tron movie, you will fall in love with this weapon! Another of the Spectrum Case skins that have heavy pink and blue color palette. It is available in all year levels as well as in normal and in StatTrak tech equipped versions. Pricewise, Decimator is quite cheap – you will pay no more than $10 for the normal version’s factory new. StatTrak is more expensive, but won’t go over $40, even with a pristine Factory New wear quality.

AWP | Fever Dream

awp fever dream csgo skin

AWP is certainly one of the most recognizable weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Being a powerful long-range sniper rifle it offers extreme accuracy, but also requires training and experience. When it comes to coloring, it has a black base covered with pink and blue drawings. This bold and messy texture looks more like a careless doodle than high polished design. A regular AWP | Fever Dream is rather affordable, it cost between $3 and $6. StatTrak version is worth around $20.

CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu

A fully automatic variant of the CZ75, the CZ75-Auto was released on February 12, 2014. According to the official description, it is a perfect short-term choice when you need to change the situation and gain your opponent’s weapon. When it comes to design, it is very beautiful and shiny, custom paint job with pink and golden finishes. The ornamental pattern depicts a snake with 9 heads. It is interesting to mention that Xiangliu, also known as Xiangyao, means a nine-headed snake monster that appears in Chinese mythology. Pricewise, CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu costs between $4 and $7.

Where can you get Spectrum Case Skins?

Although Spectrum Case was quite expensive when it came out, now it stays stable at around $0.03 and shouldn’t rise for at least another year. This is mostly caused by the huge number of Spectrum Cases available at the market as well as third-party markets. The fact that there’s a steady supply of the rarest skins from the Spectrum Case other than the AK-47 | Bloodsport and USP-S | Neo-Noir also takes its toll on the Spectrum Case market value. Moreover, even though the CSGO Spectrum Case skins are well-known and established styles, they aren’t extremely expensive, nor they are extremely rare. Just remember that before you start buying cases for uncasing buy some of the Spectrum Keys second-hand or during one of the promotion. That way, one opened case would cost you around $1 instead of over $2,5. 

Buying and selling Spectrum Case skins

There are a few options if you decide to buy Spectrum Case CSGO skins. The most obvious is to go to the Steam Community Market. All Spectrum Case skins should be quite easy to find and buy. Other than Steam Community Market you may want to try out your luck at third-party markets and websites. Naturally, they offer lower prices than those on the Steam Community Market. For an example, check Skinwallet Market’s catalogue with a price comparison for each offer.

When it comes to selling new Spectrum Case skins, you can sell your skins at the Steam Community Market for better profit but you will have to work on getting your money out. You can sell it on the third-party market, but the process may be time-consuming, or you can go for instant payouts with Skinwallet. The best thing is that you can finish a transaction at Skinwallet in less than 3 minutes.

To sell any of the Spectrum skin CSGO at Skinwallet, just log in to Skinwallet through your Steam account, set your inventory to public and add your Steam Trade ULR (otherwise our system won’t be able to see your inventory, nor send you a proper trade offer) choose which skins you want to sell and initiate the transaction. Remember to always check if the trade is the way you wanted it to be and don’t forget to check if that is our legit Skinwallet bot.

Why are Spectrum Case skins so popular?

The high popularity of the Spectrum Case skins can be attributed to two factors. First, they are just epic. Bloodsport is one of the favorite AK47 weapon skins of many pro-players and global elites. USP-S | Neo-Noir is a standard first choice for CT style and fans of artistic CSGO skins. Fever Dream is one of the best but still very affordable AWP skins there are. Secondly, the knife finishes available in the Spectrum Case are very nice when combined with the Gamma Case knife models. Add a low cost and high supply of the Spectrum Cases and you have a perfect CSGO case. 


Do you like the Spectrum Case CSGO skins? Why? Why not? Which are your most and least favorite out of the skins we talked about? Share what you think with us in the comments section down below.