Already a Skinwallet user? Here Are Five Questions You May Have About Skinwallet Market

What is Skinwallet Instant?

Skinwallet Instant is the Skinwallet you know and love. You can still sell your skins for an instant cashout.

What is the Skinwallet Market?

The Skinwallet Market is a brand new platform where you can buy skins from us at awesome prices. 

Are the services connected?

No. The two services have separate accounts and deposit processes, so be sure to register for the Skinwallet Market when you have the chance.

Can I transfer funds from Instant to Market?

Not directly. You can, however, you can sell your skins on Skinwallet Instant and then use the cash you’ve made to buy the item you’re looking for.

Can I sell skins on the Skinwallet Market?

Not at the moment, but we’re working hard to introduce this feature to the Skinwallet Market in the near future.