How To Kick Bots In CSGO?

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How to kick CSGO bots

If you ever need to play some games offline but need more specific scenarios than a server full of AI players, you need to learn how to kick bots in CSGO.

Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on your own yields some useful insights. It lets you explore the game on your own terms to make sure you’re ready with all the general information so that you can focus on becoming a competitive player. 

To test various scenarios, you need to be able to control the number of bots you’re playing with. That’s why we’re presenting you with several CSGO bot kick command variants and a guide explaining how to disable bots in CSGO completely.

How to kick bots CS GO 

Before you start any operations on the bot numbers, you first need to disable automatic team balancing. To do so, open the console (the default key for this is ‘~’) and type in ‘mp_autoteambalance 0’. This will make sure that the bots will not jump teams if there is an uneven number of players in each.

You also need to limit the number of players you want on the server at once, because if you won’t, even if you kick bots CSGO will just keep adding new ones. To do it, use the command ‘mp_limitteams #’, where # is the limit you want (remember to count yourself in that number!).

To simply get rid of certain bots or a group of them, there is a simple command to do so – ‘bot_kick *’. Instead of the star, you might want to use ‘all’ to kick all the bots out, ‘ct’ or ‘t’ to clear a specific team, or type in the name of a specific bot to kick just this one out.

CSGO How to kick bots on your team

If you need to test your skill without the interruption of friendly AI, you might want to kick the bots on your team but leave the ones that are in the enemy team. If you’re on the CT side, use the command ‘kick_bot ct’ to remove bots CSGO adds to the CT team. Similarly, if you are playing as a T, and you want to clear your team, use the command ‘kick_bot t’.

Difficulty-based command to kick bots CS GO 

By design, bots that are added to game have a different difficulty level. If you’re feeling like some of them are a little too accurate, you might want to remember how to remove bots in CSGO that are on the Expert level. Use the command ‘bot_kick expert’. Also, if some of the bots are apparently lackluster, they’re probably set on Easy difficulty, so you can kick them with ‘bot_kick easy’. You can do this with every difficulty level available in the game.

How to disable bots in CS GO completely

Last but not least, you might want to have the map all to yourself to explore, trace some routes, or just to fool around. To make CSGO disable bots joining your game, you need to use the command we’ve mentioned before, but with a different parameter. Before you kick all the bots, open the console and use the command ‘mp_limitteams 1’. This will stop any AI players from joining after you kick them all out.

How to delete bots in CSGO? Summary

With the use of these couple commands, you can regulate the way the bots join your game. It’s mostly useful offline, but if you’re playing a local match with your friends and want to add a specific amount of AI players to your match, these will also prove useful. By using the team player limit you can also disable bots CSGO keeps adding to your match otherwise. Hope you can apply these commands to make your individual playtime more enjoyable!