Want to Sell CS:GO Skins Instantly? You Should Read This

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If anything, CSGO proved to be a long-living game. Apart from the now-canonical gameplay of two opposing factions battling on various kinds of maps, Global Offensive introduced the idea of weapon skins. To avoid a pay-to-win situation, weapons as items were not hidden behind a paywall, but they were given various skins that have a cosmetic influence of the game. Add to that the rarity system, where some skins drop from only one every couple of hundred cases, and you got yourself a sort of a trading card game build on top of a mesmerizing shooter.

How to get CSGO skins?

There are a couple of ways you can obtain skins in CSGO. The most straight-forward is to log to the official game lobby, join a game and stay in for the whole match. This way you will have a chance to either drop a bare skin or a skin case, the latter one needing a key to be opened for a skin loot. It’s lengthy, but a stable procedure. Sometimes, you can also get skins or cases by watching the official streams of big tournament events through CSTV. In the end, CSGO skins are tradeable items, so you can exchange them for some other Steam inventory items.

After a time you might end up with items you do not intend to keep. If they are less common and have a good wear level, they might be worth a sum on the skin market. While trading on Steam Community Market ties your money to your Steam Wallet and getting a worthwhile deal from third-party markets might take some time and patience, there is a way to cash out your skins quickly and safely with Skinwallet. Stay tuned to learn how to instantly sell ur CSGO skins.

How can you check the prices of the skins you want to sell?

The price of an item is not a solid, set thing. There are certain basic rules for calculating how much an item is worth, but then there come other factors that influence it, like community’s trends. The basic value reference is the Steam Community Market, which gives you the inside market price, which in turn will be lowered for buying offer and lowered for selling offers, nevertheless, the median gives you a good picture of what can you expect.
For a more relative view on a possible item price, you need to refer to third-party markets, where a majority of skin trade takes place. Despite the 7-day trade hold and key purchase limitations imposed by Steam, the external market is going strong. At first, it might be a bit confusing the get into the groove of trading, so it’s good to get some kind of overview. For example, CSGO Stash has a list of all available skins with a comparison of prices of each skin variant available on Steam and BitSkins. Otherwise, you can lurk around some marketplaces for a couple of days and see if you can notice any change in dynamics for you to consider when you want to instantly sell CSGO skins. This way you can eventually get a good idea of how much you can get for the items you are getting rid of.

Why should you sell your skins instantly?

Learning how to operate the skin market you will undoubtedly notice that most of the time skins get cheaper and rarely get more expensive. This is mainly due to two factors. One is that with the exception of a limited range of skins that come from discontinued cases, skins drop more and more for players, which means their general volume increases. If they are not too popular, they will be most likely sold cheaply on the market in great numbers, which will increase their market volume, making them more available and common. The other factor is that usually when new skins are introduced, people get rid of the old ones to get resources for cases and keys to try and drop something fresh from the bush. To sell them fast, they dump the price and it impacts the median price. This has actually been happening since the introduction of Operation Shattered Web, just look at the graphs.

Besides these two, there are numerous other factors that can cause the skin’s regular price to drop significantly. It’s a bilateral sword – in some cases, they can also raise slightly, but it’s a less likely scenario. In the light of this instability, it’s good to know how to instantly sell CSGO skins, as the waiting game is a further risk on your gain. Fortunately, we in Skinwallet are here to provide a good opportunity.

Where can you sell CSGO skins instantly?

With Skinwallet, you’re able to deposit your skins and receive cash for them in a matter of couple clicks and several minutes.

After you visit www.skinwallet.com, click “Get Cash Now” – this will send you to a login screen. The system uses Steam accounts for any operations for maximal security assurance. You can choose to sign in via Steam or pick it up by the browser if you’re already logged in on a different browser tab. When that’s done, there’s one more thing we need to be sure to start the process. Go to the settings and find the window for the Steam Trade URL. Below you’ll find the link “Find trade URL”, which will send you to your Steam account settings and allow you to copy the Trade URL from there. When that’s copied and saved, please also make sure that your Steam settings allow your inventory to be displayed publicly, so that our algorithms can preview and evaluate your items. When you’re logged in and all set, the main hub displays a panel with your CSGO inventory. You will first surely notice some grayed-out items – these are the ones that are not tradeable for us at the moment. The highlighted ones will have a price tag showing you the amount of cash you will receive for them, no small print and no catches. On the right, you will notice a list of skins chosen for deposit and the total amount of cash-out for all of them. Now what’s left is to click the big green “Get” button to proceed to sell CSGO skins instantly.

At the time, Skinwallet supports payouts via Paypal. You can choose your Paypal email address in the settings. Make sure to confirm every change via the messages you will receive to your inbox. Money transfers made by Paypal should be available after more-or-less three minutes. Also, in time, other e-wallet services will be available, so keep an eye out for more instant payout options.

Other ways you can sell CSGO skins instantly

The thing is, “instantly” is the keyword here. It’s not a secret there are certainly other ways one can sell skins instantly CSGO marketwise. Firstly, let’s consider Steam Community Market. Choosing an item there will display available buy offers posted by other users. These, however, represent the lower margin of the price range. Additionally, even if you’ll find a good offer, the money will land on your Steam Wallet and will be otherwise non-withdrawable and only good for other transactions at Steam. 

The other alternative is browsing for third-party markets that allow a cash-out, some of which might tempt you with the opportunity to convert your profit into crypto-currencies and such. This time, the downside is the hidden cost. An item might have a displayable value, but it might be lowered by the shop’s commission, and then further decreased by given e-wallet service’s transaction fee. Using Skinwallet, the amount of cash you’re able to receive is displayed straight away in the interface.


With this brief text, we’ve shown how to sell skins instantly once you get your skins via CSGO matches or through trade. There are many ways to do this, but you can be sure that Skinwallet will provide you with a clear value offer and a quick cash-out. Make sure to check out our service and don’t be shy to let us know what if you’re happy with the result.