A Short 2019 Guide to R8 Revolver Skins in CS:GO

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revolver lying on side long barrel

Once very overpowered, now considered too weak to use – today’s protagonist is the R8 Revolver. Let’s not forget that here, at Skinwallet, we are interested in the skins over guns. In this article, we will take a look at the R8 Revolver skins, try to find out which are the most expensive and what characteristics of skins and design suit the R8 Revolver model. We will also talk a bit about general trading of CS GO R8 Revolver skins. 

R8 Revolver skins – In-depth 2019

The R8 Revolver, based on its real-life counterpart Smith & Wesson Model 327 Performance Center M&P R8, was the third pistol introduced in CSGO and serves as a Desert Eagle alternative. Due to its very low ammo capacity (only 8 round per cylinder and one cylinder in reserve), very high firepower, and low fire rate it is a weapon that requires a lot of skill from its user. The combination of high damage, low damage dropoff and high armor penetration makes it possible to kill a target with one shot even on very long distances. Moreover, R8 Revolver has two fire modes. Primary mode are single shots that ate characterized by low fire rate and high accuracy. The alternative firing mode, also called fanning, makes you shoot out the whole cylinder in mere seconds in a manner similar to Wild West gunmen. However, in this mode, the R8 Revolver loses a lot from its accuracy.

It can be switched out for the Desert Eagle in-game. The revolver has a very low capacity, holding 8 rounds per cylinder and only one cylinder worth of ammo (8 rounds) in reserve. It is currently the heaviest handgun available, even heavier than many primary weapons. The revolver deals extremely high damage, able to instantly kill with a headshot to a very long range and regardless of armor due to its low damage dropoff and high armor penetration. It can also kill enemies without armor in one shot to the abdomen and pelvis region. Surface penetration is on the same high level as the Desert Eagle at 200, better than average pistols.

When it comes to R8 Revolver skins, although the choice is not amazing you can still find some interesting skins. For the purpose of this breakdown, we chose five R8 Revolver CSGO skins that we found the most interesting. 

R8 Revolver | Fade

r8 revolver fade csgo skin

A classic Fade in all its glory. You either like these fluorescent, semi-transparent coloring over a chrome base or not, there’s no way around it. Personally, I really like this addition to the Fade collection with its black pistol handles sharply contrasting the Fade characteristic, fluid finish. When it comes to price, R8 Revolver | Fade you can get the normal version for around $7, with $12 being the average price for Factory New on the day of this publication. StatTrak is considerably more expensive, between $20 and $100. This makes Fade one of the most expensive R8 Revolver CSGO skins. That’s quite natural taking into consideration that R8 Revolver | Fade is the only covert grade skin out of all R8 Revolver skins.

R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher 

r8 revolver skull crusher csgo skin

R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher that was introduced as a part of The Prisma Collection and can be dropped as a Classified Pistol from the Prisma Case was hand-painted with yellow flames with some additional red and white accents here and there. It is available in three wear levels: Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred. This is one of the CSGO R8 Revolver skins that prove that a rugged and dirty look suits R8 Revolver just fine. Due to its availability, it is very cheap. You can get a normal version for $1 or $2. StatTrak equipped R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher will cost you $7 at most.

R8 Revolver | Llama Cannon

r8 revolver llama cannon csgo skin

R8 Revolver | Llama Cannon name draws interest. Llama Cannon’s design is equally interesting. Its deep blue metalwork is paired with an ivory handle. The entire gun is meticulously engraved with tribal, semi-floristic patterns and an image of a resting, golden llama on the side of the barrel. Pricewise, R8 Revolver | Llama Cannon is quite cheap, not going over $12, except the StatTrak Factory New which can reach up to $30.

R8 Revolver | Amber Fade

r8 revolver amber fade csgo skin

An amber twist on the Fade design. This skin has much more orangy, amber and bleached yellow hues in it which makes it a lot lighter for the eye. When it comes to a price it may be the most expensive out of all R8 Revolver skins. Although the normal version is dirt-cheap and costs less than $1, R8 Revolver | Amber Fade is also a souvenir skin. In that case, R8 Revolver can go over $120 at times and with right stickers. This makes it a good collector piece rather than a trading investment.

R8 Revolver | Reboot

r8 revolver reboot csgo skin

Personally, I think it is one of the best R8 Revolver skins when it comes to the looks itself. The silver and black geometric panel design are decorated with red accents. The combination gives away a strong high-tech and futuristic vibe. Luckily, the R8 Revolver | Reboot is not very expensive nor is it rare. If you are looking to become a space cowboy or a martian sheriff you will easily find a vanilla version of this R8 Revolver skin for less than $1. StatTrak tech equipped pieces to cost less than $5 with the exception of Factory New that can reach $15.

Where can you get R8 Revolver skins?

It depends on which skins you want to get and what method do you want to use. Most of the R8 Revolver skins can be dropped either through the normal random drop mechanics or from one of the cases. In case of the CSGO R8 Revolver skins mentioned above, we’re looking at Revolver Case, Spectrum 2 Case, The Prisma Case, and Gamma Case. Out of these, Prisma Cases are the cheapest and available in huge amounts. Still, most of the R8 Revolver skins are cheap yet still rare enough that it would render case opening ineffective and a loss of money. Thus, buying R8 Revolver skins of choice may be the better solution.

Buying and selling R8 Revolver Skins

If you want to buy new CS GO R8 Revolver skins of your choice you have few options to consider. Firstly, the Steam Community Market, the original market run by the Valve itself, as well as the first market to trade CSGO skins is the safest place to buy new R8 Revolver skins. However, it is also the most expensive market. Moreover, on top of the already high prices, as a buyer, you will have to pay the transaction fee. In the case of CSGO skins and items, it is 15% of the transaction value. The second option is to go outside the Steam environment and use one of the private, third-party markets. They are more prone to frauds than the core market, but some of them go out of their way to provide a safe passage for traders. This is the approach we take at Skinwallet Market, where you can browse R8 Revolver skins and not worry about losing your money.

If you want to sell all your R8 Revolver skins and you need instant cash the best way to do this is through Skinwallet Instant. Just log in, make sure your Steam inventory is set to public, set your Trade URL, pick the skins and finish the trade. You’ll get your funds in mere seconds and the whole operation doesn’t take more than 3 minutes.

Are R8 Revolver skins popular?

Currently, R8 Revolver skins don’t seem to be very popular, mostly because R8 Revolver itself isn’t popular after it’s initial nerf. When the R8 Revolver was the first release as an alternative for the Desert Eagle it was very overpowered, too fast and too cheap for its merits. After an outrage in the community, Valve nerfed R8 Revolver making it a worse alternative. In a competitive game, no one will use objectively worse equipment by choice, so it stopped being used. Naturally, the R8 Revolver skins become less popular. After all, you don’t want to spend $50 on skins that you won’t see much.


In this article, we thoroughly discussed good and bad sides of the R8 Revolver as well as the best R8 Revolver skin available in CSGO. Which one is your favorite? Is it one of the five we talked about? Why?