Best Pink CS:GO Skins in 2019

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smoking rifle in pink light

CSGO weapon skins are as diverse as they are numerous. In short, skins are just weapons with different colors and textures that can be equipped in-game. They were introduced in the Arms Deal update and are entirely cosmetic, holding rather aesthetic than gameplay function. We can easily check which Counter-Strike skins sell for astronomical prices, which are the most desirable items on the marketplaces. It turns out we tend to like vivid, colorful, sometimes even a bit weird, visually salient items. Today I would like to focus on amazing pink CSGO skins.

Pink CSGO Skins – Explained 2019

Obviously, there are a lot of different factors making a single item more or less desirable. The key factors are aesthetics, rarity, price, wear quality and pattern orientation. It can be easily checked how players value the items today, and what are the trends on CSGO skins market. Lately, we often see Pink CS GO Skins loadouts shared on Steam. People cherish their trophies and proudly show their Pink&Purple themed inventory. Also, Valve’s reports prove that when it comes to value, the brighter, the better. Initially, Valve technical artists focused on recreating hydrographic camouflage to make realistic guns. The community demand, however,  shown that players prefer a cool and colorful look over military-inspired design. When it comes to the Best Pink CSGO Skins in 2019, there are few which we really should mention.

USP-S | Cortex

usps cortex csgo skin

A fan favorite, graffiti-inspired silenced USP Pistol.  Cortex has a black background with a vivid pink and silver painting on it. Currently,  prices vary between $5 and $22. Obviously, for the high-end version – StatTrak USPS Cortex Factory New, we have to pay much more, circa 90 USD.

Galil AR | Sugar Rush

galil ar sugar rush csgo skin

Added in May 2017, quite an affordable option among the terrorist-exclusive assault rifles. Artwise, it has been custom painted using pinkish and blueish patterns. Prices for Sugar Rush fluctuate between $4 and $16 (Factory New), with a StatTrak version available for around $52.

CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu

cz75-auto xiangliu csgo skin

A fully automatic variant of the CZ75, the CZ75-Auto was released on The February 12,2014. According to the official description, it is a perfect short-term choice when you need to change the situation and gain your opponent’s weapon. When it comes to design, it is very beautiful and shiny, custom paint job with pink and golden finishes. The ornamental pattern depicts a snake with 9 heads. It is interesting to mention that Xiangliu, also known as Xiangyao, means a nine-headed snake monster that appears in Chinese mythology. Pricewise, CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu costs between  $4 and $7.

SCAR-20 | Splash Jam

scar-20 splash jam csgo skin

Next up in our top CSGO pink skins list is this powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle. The official description says it is painted with a photographic hunting camo hydrographic. To describe it in a more colorful way however, I would say it is a pink splash on a black base. When it comes to money, you may obtain the Field-Tested version for $3. If you have a bigger appetite however, a shiny Factory New Splash Jam will cost you more than $400.

AWP | Fever Dream

awp fever dream csgo skin

AWP  is certainly one of the most recognizable weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Being a powerful long-range sniper rifle it offers extreme accuracy, but also requires training and experience. When it comes to coloring, it has a black base covered with pink and blue drawings. This bold and messy texture looks more like a careless doodle than high polished design. A regular AWP | Fever Dream is rather affordable, it cost between $3 and $6. Star Trek version is worth around $20.

Where and how can you obtain pink CSGO Skins?

There are a few ways of obtaining CS pink skins: item drops, the marketplace, and trades. Of course, not every item is available through each channel. Accordingly, you may either buy a desirable skin on a market or, if you are feeling lucky, you can go for keys and cases. The cases you should consider are The Clutch Collection  (USP-S | Cortex ), Operation Hydra Case (Galil AR | Sugar Rush), Spectrum Case (CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu and AWP | Fever Dream).

Selling and buying Pink CSGO Skins

Obviously, the player’s first choice will be Steam Community Market. Some are used to treat the Steam market as an obvious choice and the only right address for skin trades. However, the prices on Steam are on average 10%-20% higher than on third-party markets. Additionally, a transaction fee will be applied, adding an extra 15% on top of the price.

In a search for more satisfying trade, some of us would rather turn to third-party markets, as they often offer better deals. There is a wide choice of sites and services offering CSGO skins. You should always verify whether a particular service is credible and safe. It is also a good practice to double check each and every trade you are about to perform. Scammers also want a slice of the CSGO skins cake, preying on reckless users. A good service will guide you through the process of selling your goods, to minimize the risk of losing items. Skinwallet Market offers quick and safe skins trade. Whether you need to supply your loadout with pink goodness, or you want real cash and fast payout for your CS pink skins, Skinwallet is your best choice. Unlike the Steam Market, where money earned stays in the Steam environment, Skinwallet Instant allows cash out for a large palette of payment services.

Why are Pink CSGO Skins So rare?

We all love fancy and unique things. We are ready to spend money for a really cool gear that simply makes us feel extraordinary and enhances the gaming experience. According to players experience shared on Steam, a pink skin dropping is very rare. Fresh players claim they have never experienced a pink drop in the game. Luckily, there are pink themed skins available on the market, so you may obtain them on the third-party market and add to your precious collection.


In this article, we talked about best pink CS GO skins, we discussed their qualities and characteristics. More importantly, we also tried to understand what made them such desirable items. I would say it is because of the emotions that they arouse in players. Because, at the end of a day, it is not Valve, nor third-party markets, but the great CSGO players community who decide which CSGO skins they love and want.