An in-depth guide to CS:GO trading bots in 2019

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CSGO trading bots – in-depth guide 2019

Every market based on trade will always naturally become more automated. After all, if you make money per transaction, the faster you can trade, the more money you will make out of it. CSGO skins trading, being a fully digitalized market, can utilize quite a wide range of trading optimizations and quality-of-life improvements. One of such optimizations certainly is CSGO trade bot approach to CSGO skins buying and selling. 

In short, CSGO trade bot is a process that automatizes the transactions (usually) between players and shop by employing a very simple, yet very efficient bot. These CSGO trade bots have their own Steam accounts prescribed to them and can run transactions from them. In result, a well-made CSGO trade bot can boost transaction efficiency for over a dozen times more than the manual trading. Its helpfulness can be seen usually when there are higher traffic and a bigger number of transactions per minute.

Why should you consider using CSGO trading bots?

Whenever you trade with any third-party website, marketplace or trading broker you will always trade with the use of CSGO trade bots. There’s no way around it. This is based on a simple fact: CSGO trading bots are very efficient, automated way to trade CSGO skins. Being almost fully automated, CSGO bot trading is very easy to manage and plan ahead. Thanks to automated reports and databases CSGO trading bots make it quite comfortable to control huge stocks of CSGO skins and items. These stock are big enough to make it impossible to manage manually.

If you think of employing your our CSGO trade bot, there are services that can help you automate certain transactions and processes in regard to your Steam account. However, they are either quite expensive or require you to know programming. Moreover, if you want this bot to be an efficient and error-free experience you will require a lot of knowledge about trade bot CSGO trading. All in all, it may be better to find a skin trading broker service instead. However, if you have knowledge and time to set the CSGO trade bot yourself you may want to do so. If the volume of transactions and items you need to trade with is big, that is. It is unnecessary to employ CSGO trading bots for transactions that you could easily control by hand.

CSGO trading bots vs regular trading

Here are the main differences between using CSGO trading bots and regular, manual trading.

CSGO trading bots:

  • CSGO trade bots are extremely quick and efficient.
  • They are a must for fast trades and trading websites; CSGO trade bots are used by all third-party markets. We at Skinwallet also use our own CSGO trade bots which have their own characteristic features. 
  • They help in bookkeeping regarding huge volumes of trades and CSGO items.
  • They need considerable technical knowledge. If you have no idea how to set up a CSGO trade bot, they most likely aren’t meant for you.
  • If you don’t have a need for them (e.g. a big number of transactions, a lot of items on different automated accounts) they are unnecessary.
  • CSGO trade bot network can get quite expensive to manage if you don’t have the facilities to host them properly. 
  • May not be as secure as checking everything manually.

CSGO regular trading:

  • A base for automated CSGO bot trading.
  • Regular trading is the basic use case of CSGO skin trading.
  • All support, security systems, and guidelines are made for regular trading.
  • You can report and pursue scam attempts only if you were trading regularly.
  • It costs nothing to trade manually.
  • It can get tedious if you have a lot of transactions to check and a lot of items to manage.
  • Preferable option for single traders

What other options do you have?

Regular, manual trading and utilization of the CSGO trade bots can be treated as to opposite extremes – one is fully manual, the other is fully automated. However, there are some options in-between these two that try to manage a healthy balance between manual control and automation. 

One of such services is the ability to place an order on the market. In short, if you are willing to buy a certain CSGO skin for a specific price but all available are either too expensive or there is not even a single piece available (in case of very rare and expensive items), you may declare you will buy this item for a particular price as soon as it is available. Then, if your requirements are met, a new transaction is generated and the offer is automatically sent to you. However, please remember that there’s a queue system. If someone placed an order on the exact same item but specified a higher price or made the order before you, they will be served first.

Another option is to find a CSGO trading broker. CSGO skins broker works quite the same as any other trading broker. A CSGO trade broker is someone that gets access to your skins, knows what you want to do with them and which you want to sell or buy. You will also usually fix a minimum and maximum prices for the items you are willing to acquire or part with. They will find you the best offers in the requirements specified by you and, in turn, they will get a small flat percent per transaction. This is a good idea for people that have a lot of skins with high earning potential but have no time or will to do the meticulous research and trading themselves. 

Are CSGO trading bots worth it?

As we said in detail before, CSGO bot trade processes are very fast, almost fully automated but can get quite expensive and require a lot of knowledge to utilize. They also need a purpose, so small volumes of CSGO skins and transactions won’t justify their usage.

However, if you are thinking about raising your own CSGO trade empire and have the opportunity to invest in this business, they may be a good idea. After all, every third-party market and trading website uses more than one CSGO trade bot. In some cases, these bots can reach hundreds, which only speaks about the amount of traffic and number of transactions such markets generate. 


In this article, we analyzed the CSGO trade bots, when they are used and what are the characteristic features of a CSGO trade bot. We also discussed how widespread CSGO bot trade is in the skins trading business and who should think about employing such measures. We also briefly summarized some of the intermediate options between regular trading and full automation. Have any questions? Be sure to leave them in the comment section.