CSGO Smoke Practice Commands

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csgo smoke practice commands

Proper gunplay is one thing, and good nade play is another. Among other utilities, smokes are probably the most peculiar. Let’s look at CSGO smoke practice commands and how to use them!

Who doesn’t love a good smoke? And by this, I mean a well-thrown grenade that helps your team get some advantage during the round in CS:GO, not any real-life habit. The thing is, during a regular match you might just not have enough occasions to practice smoke grenades. Fortunately, there exist CSGO commands to practice smokes on your own. This will require you to launch an offline game and dabble with the console a little bit.

CS GO Grenade Commands

To practice throwing smoke grenades freely, you need to set up your game a little bit. This, as it usually goes with influencing Counter-Strike mechanics, requires you to enable cheat commands. To do so, go to the console and use the command ‘sv_cheats 1’. After that, there are a number of commands that influence the interface and counting mechanics. These apply to more than smoke grenades but will be extremely useful in our specific case.

sv_infinite_ammo 1  – thanks to this tidbit you will have unlimited ammo, but ammo also means the amount of grenades

sv_grenade_trajectory 1 – this command causes the game to display the trajectory line of a thrown grenade

sv_grenade_trajectory_time 8  – causes the grenade trajectory line to stay visible for 8 seconds. You can change the ‘8’ to your time of choice.

sv_grenade_trajectory_thickness 1 – depending on other visual settings you have, trajectory lines can be a little hidden.    

bind . “cl_sim_grenade_trajectory 10” – creates the bind that, when clicked, produces a simulation of how a grenade would behave when thrown in that position. The simulated trajectory stays visible for 10 seconds. As with the previous sv_grenade_trajectory_time command, the ‘10’ value can be changed to whatever time you find more useful.

ammo_grenade_limit_total 5 – increases the maximum amount of grenades you can carry at once

The commands below are also useful, but not necessary for the training itself:

mp_maxmoney 99999 – your money limit is set to 99999, so you will not run out anytime fast

impulse 101 – maxes out your health, armor, ammo, and cash

mp_buytime 3600 – leaves the starting shop available for one hour

mp_buy_anywhere 1 – allows you to buy anywhere on the map

CSGO Smoke Practice

Once you get all your setup ready, it’s time to do some real-time CS GO grenade practice. Start an offline game on any map you’d like to practice on first. You can let it fill with bots to practice plausible and varied scenarios, or you can get rid of the bots and leave the game on for yourself to slowly analyze the smoke grenade behavior. This includes both throwing them directly and learning how to bounce them off walls to make them reach a proper destination without exposing yourself to enemy attacks. 

No Two Smoke Strategies Are The Same

Remember to diversify your training. Although the physics of the game stays mostly the same no matter what map you play on, all of them have different routes, different strategies, and different wall geometry. A seemingly similar throw to perform on Train can end up totally ineffective, or, in the worst-case scenario, working against you and your team on another map.

If you’re having issues coming up with good angles and strategies on your own, there are some maps in Steam Workshop altered in a way that they present you with a readymade training routine for very specific smoke throws without the need of setting up the game.

CSGO How To Practice Smokes – Summary

All this above constitutes a small guide that will let you begin practicing proper smoke throws. The commands for changing the game mechanics are plenty, and there is a selection of them you can use for your practice routine. Alternatively, you can refer to other, outside material to enhance your training. Have a good one!