What Is CSGO Prime?

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what is csgo prime?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been a free-to-play game since 2018, but there’s still CSGO Prime – let’s see how it works!

When it was first published, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was a game distributed in a regular fashion by Steam Store. Its release price was an understandable amount of 15$ no matter the end platform. It garnered a lot of attention, and although the case opening system within a paid game was a bit controversial at the time, it has grown on its users, especially when the skin trade became a thing.

Fast forward a couple of years and with the release of its battle royale extension, Valve announced that CSGO is about to become free to play. Thousands of users who paid for the game, even if they did a while back, might have been rightfully appalled by that. However, the paid licenses were promised to be converted into Prime accounts. What does that mean?

In short, CSGO Prime is a bit of a VIP membership in the world of CSGO. It has its priorities and privileges above free accounts. In this text, we’ll examine if Prime is really worth it.

CSGO Prime Account

At first glance, the Prime status is nothing really outstanding. Prime users benefit from:

  • exclusive matchmaking only with other Prime users
  • extra souvenirs and item drops
  • unlimited access to dedicated servers
  • a visible Prime badge

Given that most of the game’s content is available for free, the amount of bonuses for the special price seems a bit low. However, the power of Prime status lies in the first benefit. Prime accounts have their individual matchmaking status, meaning that they will only be sorted into games with other Prime users. This guarantees a much lower chance of encountering a cheater or someone who doesn’t treat the game seriously. 

How To Get CSGO Prime?

There are actually two ways of getting a Prime status for your Steam account. One of them is to pay the special Prime pass, which at this point costs $14.99, so the same as it used to cost before it became free-to-play.

The other method is just to play CSGO a lot. Prime status is guaranteed for those players whose profile rank reaches level 21. If you are really into CSGO, this shouldn’t even take that long, so unless you’re in a rush to get that status, you might just earn it with playing hours.

However, some people might be tempted to buy it for the benefits that it offers, mainly considering the matchmaking status.

Prime Matchmaking

As previously mentioned, Prime accounts take part in a separate, more trustworthy matchmaking. The competitive ranks still apply, but the contestants are chosen only among other CSGO Prime status owners. The system itself was first introduced in 2016, back when the game was still fully pay-to-play, but back then it needed the owners of a CSGO copy to register with their phone number, thus discouraging cheating players.

This has only grown in value when the free-to-play model has been introduced. If the game can be played for free on any account that has not been banned, this means it’s much easier to create smurf accounts or switch to a new account after a VAC ban.

Keep in mind that a Prime status doesn’t protect you from getting banned. You might get a warning cooldown if you break the community rules, but if the VAC senses any kind of cheating software while you play CSGO, you’re toast.

Is CSGO Prime Worth It?

It’s totally worth it if you’re concerned about competitive matchmaking and playing fair and square. Whether you’ve played for a while now, or you played in the past and you’re coming back to the franchise, Prime status can make your life just a little bit easier. If you’re just a casual gamer and you play more in the non-competitive modes or on private servers, then it’s not that urgent for you, you will eventually get that status.

CSGO Prime – Summary

To sum things up, CSGO Prime status is a sort of a VIP access that allows you to be matched for competitive games only with other Prime accounts. The biggest advantage of this is that you experience a lot fewer cheaters. However, Prime status can be eventually obtained by reaching level 21 of profile rank, which can be earned in a couple of months of regular playing.

Hope that answered your questions about CSGO Prime – if you’d like us to add any details, let us know in the comments!