Bring Valheim Vibe To CS:GO With These Viking Skins

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the best viking skins in csgo

Valheim, good gods of the old lore, what a game it is. If you think that combining the crafting system of Rust, the atmosphere of Skyrim, and tech specs that will let you run a game on a budget PC sounds like an unreal dream, then think again, because Valheim delivers. This early-access game has conquered the hearts of many players, turning into the third most-played game on Steam in a whim. That means a lot!

But then, what does a Viking survival game have in common with a modern-day fast-paced shooter like CS:GO? Not much at first glance, but if you’re all on that Norse mythology hype train, you can make your CS:GO loadout resemble an armory of a man striving to reach Valhalla. Maybe it will take less mining and more spending gold to get there, but hey, we work with what we have, just like a sturdy prepper would.

Get those sails up, because we move into the open sea of CS:GO skins and we’re out there to reach this rocky island of Valheim skins. Let’s see what kind of Norse goodies the CS:GO community has in store for us!

Is there a collection of Viking skins in CS:GO?

The previous operation that ran at the break of 2019 and 2020 has introduced an atmospheric skin choice inspired by the art and craft of past Scandinavian folk, namely the CSGO Norse Collection. The more common and cheaper skins from that collection are kept in dark and earthly colors, suggesting a very primal approach to decorating weapons. The higher in rarity we go, the more fine and advanced the patterns and motifs are, culminating in the interpretations of two weapons of gods, Mjolnir and Gungnir, which are both very detailed and very flashy.

All of them, however, are not droppable from any case, so even the more common ones are still quite pricey. Their payoff is not purely aesthetic, however – given that these are scarce goods, they can serve as a decent investment opportunity, especially the rarest of them.

Best Viking Skins

Here’s a narrowed-down choice of five CS:GO skins that convey Scandinavian folklore mood.

XM1014 | Frost Borre

Out of all Borre skins, this one seems to have the perfect combination of Norse ornamentation and a fitting color choice. FAMAS Night Borre is alright too, but a little bit blander because of the grayscale. But this auto-pump skin looks like a Viking weapon proper. It can be yours for around 25 bucks.

Negev | Mjolnir

We would really like there to be more skins for the Negev to mention, but in the meantime, Mjolnir is winning our rankings most of the time. It looks incredible, and its fierce, fiery look really mirrors the power of Negev when properly used. All jokes aside, we saw some impressive kills with the Negev in the recent majors, so never underestimate a non-meta gun. But context aside, Thor’s hammer is an obvious choice for a Viking loadout… of course, if you forget how scaringly expensive it is.

USP-S | Lead Conduit

Finally, an impressive, well-fitting USP-S skin for a thematic collection! This one doesn’t come from Norse CSGO Collection, however, but from Operation Wildfire Case. It’s darn cheap because you can get a Minimal Wear version for around a dollar right now. Plus, it’s a starting CT weapon, so you’ll be seeing a lot of it in your play – total mood-setter!

P90 | Astral Jormungandr

There are a couple of Jormungandr skins in the Norse Collection, however, the P90’s astral blue-and-green sway shines the brightest. It fits the gun that has a lot of flat space to present a convoluted pattern, plus the way it changes color depends on the ambient light is just magical. Imagine a lost Viking soul plowing through the creatures of the lands of the Valheim game world with that machine in hand… 

UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf

Hear the calling of the wild! As for an SMG skin, UMP-45 can boast a couple of solid designs that could rival any rare rifle skin, and Arctic Wolf is surely one of those. There’s something about the spiky mane that slowly fades to dark that makes the gun look really nice when you’re holding it in the game. Also, this one comes from the Clutch case, so it will not break your budget at all. You can get an FN Arctic Wolf for a bit more than a dollar, and if you’re feeling like keeping it for a while and boasting your stats, a StatTrak version is now available from Steam Market for just below 5 dollars.

If you wish for a full loadout fitting that Norse CSGO mood, check out Adam’s video on a Valheim-inspired Viking loadout!

Trading Valheim-like Skins

Most of the skins included here belong to the uber-rare and uber pricey Norse collection, and this means that they are few in number on the market and usually reach prices a couple of times higher than their counterparts from popular cases. Luckily, if you’re stubborn, Skinwallet Market comes to your rescue like a Valkyrie saving your warrior soul from being stuck in the mortal realm. Usually, SW Market can offer you a price that is a decent chunk lower than the price on Steam Community Market. Use it wisely!

Viking Community Content

Besides a costly collection that’s already in the game, there are also some things brewing in the Workshop that would supplement the Viking conversion of CSGO. There seem to be more than a couple of skins named directly by the fearless warriors of the north. There’s AUG | Viking by CuprumKing, with a rich and meticulous design. There’s also MAG-7 | Viking that looks like a weapon that could be easily crafter back in the middle ages if it wasn’t for the mechanism inside. If it’s not too much on the nose for you, go give them a vote to have more Valheim weapons to choose from. There are also a couple of maps in that vein, like the dark and moody de_asgard by LVIV, but most of the others seem to be more tongue-in-cheek than serious, so it depends how immersive you find them to be.


The glory of a warrior doesn’t earn itself, so if you’re feeling like getting a little more berserk and chilly in CS:GO, you need to be on the lookout for some cool Viking skins out there. Fortunately, our little guide will help you transpose a little bit of that ethereal struggle into the world of Counter-Strike.

So, we hope that your inventories will be as full of Viking skins as Valheim servers are now full of players! And, if you want some Valheim building tips, you can reach out to our team on the general chat at our Discord server, because it seems that the population of Vikings has gone up in the Skinwallet team in recent days. Skol!