Best CS:GO FAMAS skins in 2019

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Whenever we think about assault rifles, we think about AK-47 and M4A1-S, yet we sometimes forget about other assault rifles. One of these weapons in FAMAS. Today it’s time to take a closer look at FAMAS, its pros and cons, and, above all else, CSGO FAMAS skins. 

FAMAS skins in-depth 201

FAMAS is a bullpup assault rifle designed by the French arms manufacturer MAS as the main service rifle for the French Military. In CSGO, FAMAS in an exclusive Counter-Terrorists’ assault rifle. It is also the cheapest weapon of that type available for the CT side for a mere $2250. 

As one of the two weapons that have a burst fire mode, FAMAS weapon plays often based around changing the fire mode. The full-auto fire mode, in which the player receives FAMAS which is perfect for the close encounters. However, relatively small damage and a smaller magazine size with just 25 rounds in it causes FAMAS to often lose in close range fights. The burst-fire mode is characterized by a lower fire rate between the burst shots, with higher first-shot accuracy and minimal recoil. With FAMAS damage, it is possible to kill an unarmored enemy with one headshot and kill an armored target with one headshot and one shot to the torso. This makes FAMAS a very dangerous weapon during eco-rounds.

When it comes to CSGO FAMAS skins, the choice is quite generous, although it isn’t amazing. Out of CSGO all FAMAS skins available we chose five we find the most interesting. 

FAMAS | Roll Cage

famas roll cage csgo skin

The only Cover rifle out of FAMAS CSGO skins, Roll Cage is also one of the more expensive FAMAS skins. From its design, we can see that it was strongly influenced by the automotive industry. From its description, we can learn that “it has been given custom decals that resemble a mud-splatter car chassis”. The black and brown base with bright red and white splatters gives the FAMAS | Roll Cage a very aggressive look. When it comes to price, it is quite cheap. A normal version costs between $5 and $10 with Factory New shooting up to $30. StatTrak-equipped Roll Cage can reach $200, but will usually stay around $20 or $30.

FAMAS | Eye of Athena

famas eye of athena csgo skin

Eye of Athena is one of the prettiest not only among goof FAMAS skins CSGO collection but among all CSGO skins available to this day. The level of craftsmanship required to design this skin hat to be seriously over the top. Eye of Athena depicts a mechanized owl in brownish colors with very strong orange and yellow details contrasting with the dark background. Some grey and green details add to the richness of this design. You can get Classified Rifle in two versions: with and without StatTrak, and both ways it is quite cheap almost never going over $10 in price. Only StatTrak FAMAS Eye of Athena (Factory New) can reach $30 at times. 

FAMAS | Mecha Industries

famas mecha industries csgo skin

This simple white and black with red details FAMAS looks like it’s coming straight from a sci-fi show. Mecha Industries was introduced to CSGO as a part of The Glove Collection and came into the hand of the players as one of the classified skins from the Glove Case in 2016. It is dirt cheap, usually around $5 and never reaching $20, even for StatTrak Factory New piece.

FAMAS  | Djinn

famas djinn csgo skin

Djinn, from the design and artwork perspective, is one of the best CSGO FAMAS skins in the game. A black and grey monochromatic base has been inlaid with gold and nickel elements. There’s also a very demonic representation of a Djinn engraved on the body. Extremely cheap with the normal version around $2 and StatTrak equipped around $4 is very affordable and can be easily obtained. Traditionally, only the StatTrak Factory New wear is relatively expensive going for $30 or even $40. 

FAMAS | Afterimage

famas afterimage csgo skin

This classified rifle custom-painted with broken ribbon trails based on black and blue foundation is quite weird when compared to other CSGO FAMAS skins. First of all, it has no Battle-Scarred wear versions. Secondly, the prices are kinda all over the place. Well-Worn Afterimage goes for $12 whereas a Factory New for half of that price. Both StatTrak versions of Well-Worn and Factory New can reach around $25. However, this can be caused by simple rarity and the way this skin wears down. 

Where can you get FAMAS skins?

All of the best CSGO FAMAS skins can be acquired through cases or by trade. If you consider opening up cases, each of the skins discussed above comes from a different case, however, we would like to suggest to you two cases: Horizon Case and Glove Case.

Horizon Case has other amazing skins beside Eye of Athena, for example, AK-47 | Neon Rider or Desert Eagle | Code Red. With the case cost of $0.02, it may be worth to try and open up some of them. Glove Case holds the FAMAS | Mecha Industries but at the same time, as the name suggests, it has a collection of CSGO gloves all are usually extremely expensive and can be sold for a good price. Still, with the low prices of CSGO FAMAS skins, it may be best to just buy one from the market rather than open the cases.

Buying and selling FAMAS skins?

If you want to buy new good FAMAS skins CSGO of your choice you have few options to consider. Firstly, the Steam Community Market, the original market run by the Valve itself, as well as the first market to ever enable FAMAS skins CSGO trading may be the safest place to buy new CSGO FAMAS skins. However, at the same time, it is the most expensive market on the… well, market. Moreover, on top of the already high prices the buyer, that means you, will have to pay the transaction fee. In the case of CSGO skins and items, it is 15% of the transaction value. The second option is to go outside the Steam environment and use one of the third-party markets. Although they are more often targeted by scammers, reputable sites like Skinwallet Market provide safety measures that allow you to browse all FAMAS skins.

If you want to sell all your best CSGO FAMAS skins and you need instant cash the best way to do this is through Skinwallet. Just log in, make sure your Steam inventory is set to public, set your Trade URL, pick the skins and finish the trade. You’ll get your funds in mere seconds and the whole operation doesn’t take more than 3 minutes.

Are FAMAS skins popular?

Well, they sort of are. First of all, FAMAS sees one of the best collection of high craftsmanship and artsy skins such as Eye of Athena or Djinn. The low prices can be explained by a high drop rate of new FAMAS skins, either as weekly drops or from cases.

On the other hand, we’re talking about FAMAS, a very situational weapon often used only during eco-rounds and not by everyone, as some players will often choose an SMG or shotgun over this specific assault rifle. So, if you don’t ever pick a weapon, why should you invest in skins for it?


In this article we talked about FAMAS skins CSGO has to offer, discussed their pros and cons, prices, design, and popularity. Which other weapons would you like us to cover?