Shattered Web New Character Skins in 2019

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operation shattered web character skins

Mid November this year, Valve surprised CSGO players with a new operation, a first one in two years. Certain data leaks made people suspect what could be going on, but no one expected that much new content at once.

New character skins (or agents, as Valve called them) were one of the flagship additions to the game brought with Operation Shattered Web. 

New Shattered character skins are an interesting debuting feature of CSGO and we’re happy to break them down to you. How do they look? How do they work? Let’s find out.

What are the new Shattered Web Character Skins?

Generally speaking, Counter-Strike is sticking to its original lore of terrorist organizations and counter-terrorists forces but broadens the roster considerably. Various agents usually belong to the already established groups. Let’s see how each of them is presented.

Distinguished Agents

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Distinguished agents seem to be purposefully anonymous, with their faces covered and names unspecified.

Distinguished Counter-Terrorist Character Skins

Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC Seal
All packed in full Seal team armor

3rd Commando Company | KSK
German commando soldier with camo protective wear.

Operator | FBI SWAT
Your go-to operator when the risk is high, wearing the olive field uniform.

B Squadron Officer | SAS
The British covert operator locked and loaded with a
gas mask over his head.

Distinguished Terrorist Character Skins

Ground Rebel | Elite Crew
A slick urban footman, covering his face with a keffiyeh.

Soldier | Phoenix
The masked Phoenix recruit that is a sign of trouble to come.

Enforcer | Phoenix
Hired gun in the ranks, standing out with a darker outfit to match his clandestine motifs.

Exceptional Agents

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Exceptional agents have a discernible identity, usually achieved by highlighting some fun twist about them.

Exceptional Counter-Terrorist Character Skins

Buckshot | NSWC Seal
Fully equipped Seal agent who’s supposedly a total gun freak.

Markus Delrow | FBI HRT
The strategist in the field, this guy looks ready to move from the planning table to the frontline in seconds.

Exceptional Terrorist Character Skins

Osiris | Elite Crew
Intimidating from the first look, the crew’s executor is a dark-skinned man hidden behind a sabretooth scarf.

Maximus | Sabre
Sporting a leather jacket and a tweed bonnet, this man looks like no clutch situation is dangerous to him.

Dragomir | Sabre
Organization’s silent sharpshooter with a vintage ‘stache.

Slingshot | Phoenix
The hot charge of the bunch, known for getting out of the dirtiest situations.

Superior Agents

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Superior agents include more distinguishable armor changes than Exceptionals, plus they are usually portrayed as veterans of some sort.

Superior Counter-Terrorist Character Skins

‘TwoTimes’ McCoy | YSAF TAPC
Dwarfish, Viking-like apt shooter with a beard and a blue scarf.

Michael Syfers | FBI Sniper
All about this guy speaks “job’s too easy”. His grey operational outfit is suited for blending in amidst urban exteriors.

Superior Terrorist Character Skins

Prof. Shahmat | Elite Crew
An educated man with revolutionary tendencies who apparently lost his marbles on the way. Know him by his bald head and an angry face hidden behind glasses.

Rezan The Ready | Sabre
Slav survivalist with a deadly eye for shooting, and a pose that leaves you with no doubts.

Blackwolf | Sabre
The hunter of the pack, this menacing young man spells “death” with his every move.

Master Agents

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Master agents are the real heroes of the operation. They are either the leader figures with experience to back their position or a story to highlight their uniqueness.

Master Counter-Terrorist Character Skins

Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC Seal
A whiskered giant presented as a vet leader with a ‘carpie diem’ attitude supposedly coming from his battle experience.

Special Agent Ava | FBI
While the fuss about the first playable female model in CSGO goes on, this kevlar-vest-sporting tomboy with a smirk doesn’t need to prove her rank.

Master Terrorist Character Skins

The Elite Mr. Muhlik | Elite Crew
A ruthless businessman-go-villain with a laid-back, yet very slick style, notice all the red ornaments.

The ‘Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre
An expert contrabandist who earned his notoriety with morbid professionalism, which apparently influences his fashion choices in a peculiar way.

How to get skins like these?

First of all, to get new character skins in Operation Shattered Web, you need to buy an operation pass, otherwise, you will not be able to collect stars and reach the thresholds for guaranteed prizes.

Every week, new missions are published for Shattered Web. When you fulfill them, you get stars. After reaching a certain amount of stars, you have a guaranteed reward of some sort. Getting all 100 stars results in a Master Agent skin reward. Others can drop in the meantime.

For those who cannot finish the weekly challenges, there’s always the option to buy Shattered Web character skins on the market. Try searching agent skins at Skinwallet Market, whether you’re into more common ones for the feel of it or want a Master Agent with a custom voiceover.

Main features of agent skins

Obviously, the main thing the new agent skins influence is the looks. Even if they differ in height at first glance, they don’t change the vision of the player using them. There’s also no statistic change. The major upside is that after you equip a skin, it will overwrite the default characters of the map you’re playing. For example, if you choose and equip an exceptional Sabre agent, your player model will look like this on Assault, Office or Cache alike while playing on the terrorists side. Of course, it might not always suit the setting, but it’s some sort of variation to the usual character scheme.

But that’s not all. Operation Shattered Web character skins of agents at Master level have new, unique voice commands recorded for them. This means four new sets of voices you can hear in the regular shoutouts during the match. 

Additionally, new models came with a new way of presenting them outside the skirmish. After the match is finished, the results screen will now also display accolades of models with various more or less glorious titles for players’ certain activity. “Barber” is given to someone who got the most “dinks” (non-lethal headshots), “Tenderizer” means a player with most assists… you get the drill. 

Is it worth the fuss?

As with all big new features, character skins get mixed reviews. Some more diehard fans are fearing the game turning more towards the Fortnite mood of the gameplay. Others seem to be happy to have a choice of the player model.

The prices increase accordingly with the rising rarity of character skins. For now, Distinguished ones generally cost between 1 and 2 dollars. On the other hand, Special Agent Ava can be now bought for $17.75. Unfortunately, who knows how will the prices behave once the Shattered Web season is over? CSGO Shattered Web character skins will still be tradeable, but we are yet to see if Valve will provide other occasions to drop them. If not, a price increase is imminent


Apparently, a new era for Counter-Strike players begins. Character skins in Shattered Web promise a way of further personalization of gameplay. Make sure to try it out for yourself and let Valve know how you like the idea of equipable agent skins – this might influence future operations and the focus they put on new models.