Flip Knife Skins in 2019

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flip knife csgo

Pocket knives were popular for hundreds of years for being both cheap, accessible and easy to operate even for those without much finesse. No matter if they are used as a tool or for self-defense, they are portable and handy in any situation where you need an extra edge… sorry for the terrible wordplay.

No wonder it has been ported into CSGO in several different knife types ranging from street gang switchblades to survival folding knives. CS GO Flip Knife skins represent this category with an aggressive, bent blade with a slightly serrated edge. Although its in-game structure is sort of unreal, it looks great during fights.

It has been popular among players for many different reasons, including its rarity. We’ll see into the best CSGO Flip Knife skins and how to deal with them.

Popular Flip Knife Skins

Although the vanilla Flip Knife skin is available in a couple of cases, there are certain skins which seem to surface more than others. Let’s check their looks in detail.

Bright Water

flip knife bright water csgo skin

Apparently something’s in the water… This blue, hydrographically printed mesh really gives off a sleeky vibe. Because of the stainy design, it still looks ultra-authentic in Battle-Scarred version, thus making those versions ironically the most expensive and the most wanted of them all, one Steam listing putting its StatTrak piece for $1804.5. Otherwise, the other variants span between $117 and $233.


flip knife lore csgo skin

The coloring and the design make it eerily similar to the Dragon Blade from Skyrim. Lore skins usually have this convincing high-fantasy vibe. It looks even more epic on such a curved blade. This also a case of a StatTrak Battle-Scarred version going bonkers-expensive, but this time it’s probably more about the drop rarity. Nevertheless, the high-float versions are on the market for around $200, the low-float ones easily going over $300.

Gamma Doppler

flip knife gamma doppler csgo skin

This is the golden fleece of Flip Knife skins. Because of the nature of Gamma Doppler skins, they are divided into several categories, depending on how two Gamma patterns interlace on the item itself. It would take too long to list and describe all of them here. The most sought-after Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler would be the Emerald, where the interlacing causes the blade to be lucidly green. It’s hard to find, but a Factory New one in StatTrak could reach over $1700. If you don’t drop precisely this one, don’t worry – the other versions still go around for between $310 and $380.


flip knife autotronic csgo skin

Those fed up with classical, glossy and fantastic designs might just enjoy this piece. It has a light, steel blade with an anodized red strip. A modern, swift look fits a fast, swift playstyle. It’s also a nice case of a skin that doesn’t tear down with the rising float, instead of getting more dirty and dented, which always looks better than scratched paint. Cheapest ones cost around $150, the rarest floats reach around $400.


flip knife freehand csgo skin

While less popular than the ones above, Freehand has its own unique look. The hand-drawn doodles look very frivolous. Additionally, the texture pattern has a “STEALTH” caption intertwined in the design. The range of prices goes from little below $100 up to over $150. 

Where can you get Flip Knife skins?

Generally, Flip Knife skins can be found in over 10 different cases, so you have a decent chance of looting them from a case as compared to other, more rare knives. The most popular models mentioned in this article all come from Gamma and Gamma 2 cases, so you’d need to hunt down those if you’d like to take your chance of looting best Flip Knife skins CSGO offers.

If you’re out of luck, but you’re desperate to get one, there’s always the option of the skin market, which we’ll elaborate on below.

Buying and Selling Flip Knife Skins

Whenever you reach a site that compares prices of skins on the global market, it will usually juxtapose at least two marketplaces – the Steam Community Market and a chosen third-party marketplace. Some more advances analyst services can compare more of those at once, showing you a wide range of prices. When buying, the main difference between Steam and external marketplaces is the dynamics and range of prices. Usually, Steam Market buys low and sells high. The upside is, it’s very easy to buy because of many offers from sellers, so if there are there in the system, you’re just two clicks away from buying it. On the other hand, third-party marketplaces need a bit more browsing for what you want exactly, but even with that in mind, you’re more likely to find exactly what you need at a fair price. Just check out Flip Knife skins catalogue at Skinwallet Market to see a good example of what you can get on the go!

You could also want to sell one if you’re happy to loot one but are not keen on playing it. The same rules apply as above. Selling it on Steam will be quick, but cheap, plus it freezes your income on Steam Wallet. External sites like Skinbaron can have some more lucrative offers, but you’d need to browse those and look out for certain trends dictating the prices.

If you want to get your money fast for any Flip Knife CS GO skins you have looted, Skinwallet might be your answer. It allows you to deposit your skins, get an evaluation and cash out in a matter of minutes via Paypal. It gets you real cash in contrast to Steam and is much faster than lurking on third-party markets. Go to www.skinwallet.com, log in with your Steam account and follow the process to see how much you can earn.

Why should you get one?

It’s hard to discuss subjective likings, but there are certain things that are generally welcome in skins. An alternative knife skin in itself, no matter how it looks and what quality wear it has, is a rare find and it makes it valuable by default. Otherwise, although a bit weirdly-shaped, Flip Knife skins look absolutely cool during play.

Are Flip Knives popular?

It would be safe to assume that Flip Knives became very popular after the publishing of Gamma collection and Gamma / Gamma 2 cases because they were introduced in those specific looks that could only be found there. The additional pursuit of Gamma Doppler skins comes from the oddity of Phase variants. Once you found a Flip Knife skin, it’s a good idea to cash it in to the collectors.


Flip Knives are a meaningful part of a whole rarity knife skins range. You can use the drops and loot of CSGO best Flip Knife skins to make your gameplay a bit more interesting or to earn a buck on the skin market. Either way, they are a valuable find you should be happy about.