The Blessing Of CSGO Changelog

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Some games can only count on their distribution platform – like Steam – or a small update popup to inform their users about any changes and tweaks that has been introduced along with a new release version. Valve follows the footsteps of professional software developers and documents all changes made to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on their dedicated blog, CSGO Updates, that generally serves as a CSGO update changelog.

So basically what is it, where is it, how it affects us? We’ll go through all the necessary details just below. Stay awhile to learn a bit about the one diary in a CSGO player’s life that is truly needed.

Where to see CSGO changelog?

You’ve probably seen some short prompts with a small portion of a literal description of the changelog whenever you install a new CSGO update. This is only a short reminder that some things might have changed, but doesn’t give you much detail. However, Valve runs a blog that documents those changes very meticulously.

The address of the blog is It’s structured like a classical blog. It has a main news section that combines information about new game content and updates on what has been tweaked behind the scenes. It’s available to read in 21 languages and has some easily accessible links to CS:GO’s Twitch overview and game’s social media accounts. It also contains the ins and outs of the gameplay, including a sort of educative section with videos of pros giving basic advice on the games – it obviously hasn’t been updated in some time, but it’ still good advice.

If you’re interested in seeing the pure version of the changelog in CSGO, go to the Updates section. Each proper update is documented here with information being sorted into groups like “gameplay”, “maps”, “misc” to make it easier to track changes that you’re specifically looking for. 

Are new versions of CSGO announced in the changelog?

As I’ve mentioned before, each little piece of new content is being described on the blog. Whether it’s just a bunch of stickers added to the overall pool or a whole operation being premiered, it’s always there with a list of new things.

While CSGO doesn’t actually have new issues, it’s being updated regularly and if you consider an operation to be a new version update, then yes, it’s announced and described on the blog.

Looking to the right side of the blog you can find a column of static banners that link to article pages about the biggest content updates in CSGO. Unlike the cold and professional blog list, it will give you more of a mood setting and dev’s approach to what has been introduced and will also inform you on any special occasions that are bound with the release of new content. For example, the Danger Zone page presented the information that Prime users could get a free MP5-SD | Lab Rat skin if they gain 250 EXP while playing Danger Zone mode.

Why is the CSGO changelog important?

As much as it’s okay if you don’t care for the CSGO culture and just hop in on servers from time to time to unwind, it’s not a bad idea to look the blog up from time to time. Valve is known for constant tinkering with the mechanics of CSGO. Some guns are nerfed, some are boosted, prices change, the behavior of grenades change. Of course, you’ll learn about it eventually by playing the game, but CS GO changelog lets you stay ahead of the game and internalise any changes before you encounter them on your first playthrough after the update.

Aside from that, the changelog makes it easier to track changes that follow the introduction of new features. Take the case of 1v1 warmups. At first, they were available on a limited number of maps to sort of live-test the whole thing. Then the experience has been fine-tuned with things like improved clipping and changed wait times.

Does it matter when you play competitively? 

Alluding to the fact that mechanical changes are also documented this way, yes – it matters a lot. Let’s say that your whole meta of throwing grenades in a certain way depends on the not-so-perfect physics engine responsible for their behaviour. Just recently, grenade’s door collision and bounce damage has been changed, and supposedly such a miniscule change can force you to alter the way you throw them around.

Checking the changelog CSGO blog periodically will save you the trouble of discovering the updates the hard way – for example, during a competitive match. A CSGO update must also mean an update to your knowledge of the game, so your skill doesn’t suffer from a meta change.


The days of the game builds being set in stone once the game is published and eventually chiseling away that stone with a big patch are largely long gone. Modern publishing models allow developers to constantly improve their product, especially if the game’s popularity is not fading away. Games like CSGO can count on progressive development, and especially in that case, we’re met with curators that are aware of the fact that the game is an e-sport. This means that the changes need to both observe not to turn the gameplay upside down and improve the faults that disallow further refinement.

CSGO changelog is a repository of such careful changes. It can serve both as a newsflash from the game’s world and as a source of technical changes that directly influence the way you play. It’s a good idea to make friends with the official CSGO blog and keep yourself up to date with everything that is tweaked, changed, and improved.