Wait, There Are C4 Skins In CSGO?

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been widely known and applauded for giving its players the possibility to collect weapon and item skins through random drops occurring after matches played on official servers. This wide roster of items now consists of guns, knives, gloves, stickers, agent models and agent patches. Yet, one of the key items in the whole CS:GO lore seems to be totally neglected when it comes to alternative looks.

C4, which generally is a name of an explosive material, is used in short to call a make-do bomb that Terrorist groups use during CS:GO matches to detonate a target bombsite as an alternative to just eliminating the whole CT squad to gain a win. Throughout different editions of Counter-Strike it sported different looks. Since the beginning of CS:GO it has pretty much looked the same with minor fixes, and, believe it or not, there seem to be no alternative skins for it.

In this blog post we’ll examine the situation of C4 CSGO skins – why aren’t they a thing yet, what can you do instead, but also what will the future bring.

Are there skins for the C4 in CSGO?

Currently there aren’t any official skins for C4 in CSGO, unfortunately. There aren’t any in the game files, there are no official reports of any C4 skins being introduced. However, that’s not the whole story.

For some time last year the Winter Update for CSGO changed the look of the bomb. Anticipating the Christmas time, it has been wrapped into a jolly packing paper, making it a grim gift from the T-side to the CTs. This is, however, the only time it has been officially retextured. Nevertheless, it can serve as an example that it’s possible to implement different CSGO C4 skins into the game.

Some people think that the game files show a clear structure that allows Valve to add different skins without having to reprogram the game and worry about bugs and issues. Others claim that the “stock C4” in the inventory suggests that there will be… non-stock C4s in the future. It’s only a guess by now, but… dream big!

What else can you do with a C4 in the game?

For those who dare to roam in the realm of unofficial, non-VAC-protected servers and don’t mind skipping a game or two while cheaters blow apart the place with wallbangs and aimbots, there are alternative or workshop-made skins C4 skins CSGO players can enjoy. A youtuber nicknamed Fire has made an essential presentation of alternative skins in the video below. Among them, there are some worth highlighting, like Gator Mesh, Impire, Lion Fish or Radiation Hazard.

One has to remember that, even when the server uses custom assets, they are mostly bound to all players playing the game, which means one C4 skin during the whole game. If you’ve ever encountered any server where each player could choose a custom C4 skin for themselves, make sure to let us know in the comment section!

Reddit users were discussing the idea widely for years now, thinking how does one player’s skin apply to an item which is spawned with a random player at the beginning of the round. The most intuitive idea would be to ascribe a possible skin from the player currently spawning with the bomb, which means the look of the C4 would depend on who spawned with it. Sounds reasonable.

Renaming C4 in CSGO

There is also one other method of customization of C4 – maybe not as spectacular as changing its skin completely, but still giving CS matches a nice touch. With a little tweaking of your local config files you can make C4 available for putting a name tag on it. Now, we strongly discourage you from doing so, because with current safety measures the anti-cheat system might ban your Steam account.

Before the times of file-scanning safety measures, it was possible to do it without any repercussions, because it is not a game-breaking redo, actually just changing the item slot for C4 to pose as a melee weapon, so that the name tag is willing to ascribe to it, and then changing it back. Those who got away with it in the early days can still sport their custom-tagged C4s, but with current protections it’s probably too risky of a trick to try.


Although C4 is one of the most common elements of both classic and contemporary Counter-Strike play, there aren’t any official skins for it yet. Modders and artists have proposed different looks and features for it over the years, like that name tag that displays your custom message on the bomb, but it seems like for now Valve has turned a blind eye on that.

Still, the technical backline of the game is ready for a new feature, and the community has already proposed good ways of how it could be introduced. There’s not much else left for us than to wait for new CSGO C4 skins to be a part of one of the future updates.

Also, if there are any skins in the Fire’s compilation or that you’ve encountered on Steam Workshop and would like to see introduced in the game, let us know below!