Dota 2 Juggernaut in 2019 – Explained

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I find it hard to believe you could have not heard about Dota 2 by now. Still, if you need a quick briefing, it’s a MOBA game having two opposing teams battle for either the Radiant side or the Dire side, aiming at destroying the lane towers and, eventually, the opposing team’s Ancient. The really catchy part of it is using certain hero archetypes with their own unique playstyles.

Juggernaut is a swift melee hero capable of dealing massive amounts of damage at a time and becoming spell-immune for a short period of time. He pays the toll for it with a diminished mana pool and not a very impressive health range, which can make him vulnerable at times. Fortunately, he makes it up by having a healing ward which is ultra-useful mid-game. 

There is a vast amount of cosmetic items available for Juggernaut. They spread across the whole range of rarities. While some of the uncommon ones are still quite obtainable, there are some which are available in a limited amount and reach interesting prices. Let’s look at Juggernaut Dota 2 items in detail.

Juggernaut best items Dota 2 offers

There are certain Dota 2 items Juggernaut sports that are really worth getting around. Mind you, in this article we will focus on the singular items rather than whole sets, which are collectively only operated by Steam Community Store and are hard to describe in terms of market value.

Crimson Edge Of The Lost Order – Immortal

Provided by Dota 2 Wiki

A dire, mischievous red blade from The 2018 Crimson Witness Treasure. The prices for an autographed one can go over $700, but the standard version can waver between $400 and $560 which makes it one of the most expensive Juggernaut Dota 2 cosmetic items.

Blackened Edge of the Bladekeeper – Legendary

Provided by Dota 2 Wiki

A dark sword with a black-and-red smokey aura around it. While the standard quality ones can be easily bought below $0.40, the Cursed quality are being sold for almost $50 which provides a good price-to-rarity ratio.

Kantusa the Script Sword – Mythical

Provided by Dota 2 Wiki

This sword has a very toned, classical look, and it’s the lore behind it that does the trick. It supposedly contains an inscribed story of the soul being bound into it. It’s available only in Genuine quality and has been recently sold for as much as $126.

Battle Banner of the Masked – Rare

Provided by Dota 2 Wiki

The banner is a back slot item reminiscent of the Warcraft 3 orc battle banners, just in a white sheet variant. If you get an autographed version, you can easily sell it just above $7, but a Corrupted quality piece can go up over $11 on the market.

Kimono of the Ebony Tower – Uncommon

Provided by Dota 2 Wiki

Grim shoulder pads wearable on cape slot. Although the standard quality Kimono goes for as little as $0.20, selling a Cursed or Heroic one can get you around $10, and recently a Corrupted on was sold for over $165!

Relic Blade of the Kuur-Ishiminari – Common

Provided by Dota 2 Wiki

A straight, jade relic sword with a rather simple, yet very elegant and smooth look. The standard and Inscribed weapon cosmetics of this type can be sold for around $0.35. Heroic grade ones, on the other hand, can go over $18 in market prices. Although not the most popular it has its die-hard fans that keep its price well above its rarity grade.

Where and how can you sell Juggernaut items?

As with any collectibles considering Steam games, your main trade hub by default will be the Steam Community Market. For one, it’s available parallel to the game, so there’s not much licking around here and there. Secondly, it allows you to post a trade offer straight away, which will be saved and shown in the global marketplace. There are some downsides to that solution, though. It might take some time for someone to notice, let alone accept your offer. What’s worse, usually there’s a big stretch between the selling price and buying price, so you might need to compromise to sell your items efficiently. In the end, even if you get a good bargain for your pricey items, the money stays in your Steam wallet, only to be spent for Steam Store or Steam Community Market. If you are interested in a swift cashing in of the Dota 2 Juggernaut items, head to After logging in with your Steam account and providing a Trade URL in the settings, you will be able to sell your skins for real money in a matter of minutes.

How can you obtain Dota 2 Juggernaut items?

The nature of the equipment in Dota 2 is a little bit whimsical. If you’re used to a stable stream of items from loot boxes, you cannot count on it in Dota 2, cause these drops are rarer. Nevertheless, playing the game and collecting whatever comes your way is the safest, risk-free method of obtaining items for Juggernaut Dota 2 character.

If anything, participation in tournaments does pay off with this game. Usually, tournaments have their own loot boxes (called treasures in Dota 2) which drop items prepared uniquely for that occasion. As in most cases, they are not available after the event, there’s a limited quantity of those, so the market prices of those are skyrocketing after a time.

On occasion, you might find some kind of a giveaway proposing you Dota 2 items for free or in a sort of lottery, but if that’s the only way you’re willing to get there, you’ll probably waste more time, energy and means than playing the game itself.

How did Juggernaut become so popular?

Part of his appeal might be that the best items for Juggernaut Dota 2 equipment contain are quite obtainable, if not by drops, then via market transactions. It’s not that hard to give him a personal touch without looking eerie with out-of-context design.

Among the pro players, items from the Bladekeeper set seem to be very popular. They give Juggernaut this sturdy, Yoshimitsu-like look that goes well with the blitz tactics. On the other hand, Empire’s Silent apparently likes to sport nothing but a Kataginu of a Thousand Faces and a Demon Blade.

Strategy-wise, Juggernaut is a worthwhile character to play – it is both good as a carry or a ganker, and if you like a dynamic, hit-and-run playstyle, he might just be your favorite hero to battle with.


Juggernaut is a great hero choice that can be easily customized in a fine way with a range of available items. This also doesn’t stop some of his cosmetics to be quite a treat on the market. Feel free to enjoy both his dance-like playstyle and a fantastic, exiled ronin aesthetics. 

All equipment images provided by Dota 2 Wiki.