How to use Aeon Disk in Dota 2

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Aeon Disk

In Dota 2, arguably the most popular – or at least one of the most popular – MOBA games currently operating online, the use of various ingame items is crucial to shifting the balance between two skirmishing sides of the conflict. Hero’s flaws can be compensated by the right set of trinkets and some of their abilities get an incredible boost from synergising with the item’s bonus.

Aeon Disk Dota 2 item is an advanced form of stat booster that also possesses the power to protect its wearer from avalanching attacks. It is efficiently utilised by both frontline tankers to further ensure their endurance in battle or by casters that need to increase their survivability maneuvering between enemies. It is also obtainable pretty early in the game (although requiring a trip to the secret shop) and used in the right setting it can mean all the advantage in the middle stage of the match.

Let’s look at the Aeon Disk, its perks, its usage, and the strategy around it!

What is Aeon Disk in Dota 2 and how does it work?

When you look at Aeon Disk’s icon, it shows a golden medallion with a vital red gem set in the middle of it, yet smudged with a hue of blue light all over. This is visual clue about its origin. To create an Aeon Disk, you need to acquire a Vitality Booster for 1100 gold, an Energy Booster for 900 gold (both of those available only from The Secret Shop), and an Aeon Disk Recipe for another 1100 gold. 

At first glance, it is just an upgraded health and mana booster, raising the initial +250 bonus from each item to +300 for both stats. But how does Dota 2 Aeon Disk work specifically? It’s the strongest feat is not the stat boost, it’s the Combo Breaker ability. The description of the ability is as follows:

When you take damage and your health falls below 70%, a strong dispel is applied and you gain a 2.5 second buff that provides +75% Status Resistance and causes all damage you deal and are dealt to be reduced to zero. Only triggers on player based damage.

This accounts to several things. Obviously, this is a strong counteract to all kind of ambushes which mean to inflict a lot of consecutive damage to your hero. The 2.5-second window is enough to halt the clash and allow for additional casting or to flee quickly. It also makes it harder for enemies to follow you being hit with a strong nuke with any damage. It’s also worth noting that Combo Breaker reduces damage, not negates it, so it doesn’t make your hero invincible.

Dota 2 Aeon Disk Best Hero Build

Both the higher health and mana, as well as Combo Breaker can work magic with some of the heroes’ settings. While the official guides show that it’s useful to use it while playing Bristleback, Brewmaster, or Batrider to give them the extra edge of health together with the dispel protection, the global statistics show that it’s not the meta choice for those three heroes. We’ll focus on three other synergies we found useful during our research.


Although the Combo Breaker is not the most popular way to upgrade Earthshaker, it gives him the two main benefits we’ve described before. The stat bonus gives him a short while more to last in the clash, and using the Combo Breaker window to utilise the Blink Dagger to get away will make him last longer or cast Fissure to push back with stuns.


Usually traded for the Aether Lens that allows for a longer cast range, Aeon Disk can give Pugna an extra edge in the late game. Most importantly, if you find yourself ganked by melee heroes, the Combo Breaker gives you a chance to cast Decrepify yourself and switch positions safely.

Crystal Maiden

Again, the more popular choice in the similar range of items would be the Glimmer Cape that allows you to deceive your enemies, yet numbers show that Aeon Disk contributes to more victories. Combo Breaker allows her to easily cast a Freezing Field amidst a turmoiled battlefield, or, as in Earthshaker’s case, run away quickly using the oh-so preferred Blink Dagger.

How to counter Aeon Disk users in Dota 2?

The strongest weapon against Combo Breaker’s dispel and damage reduction are disabling spells that can’t be dispelled. Enigma’s Black Hole renders Aeon Disk wielder unable to cast anything that would benefit the dispel window. The same goes for Faceless Void’s Chronosphere that totally freezes any units within.

The biggest disadvantage of Aeon Disk is the price it requires to be completed. Although it’s much lower than it used to be and has been lowered with pretty much every major patch to Dota 2, it still loses to some other armor choices during the most advisable time of the match to combine it. Keep in mind that to obtain Dota 2 Aeon Disk heroes usually have to pay with ability to choose some other protective items.

Other tips for Aeon Disk

Likewise, deciding while playing Dota 2 when to get Aeon Disk is crucial for your budget. It’s no wonder it’s often used in the middle period of the game or, nowadays even more often, in the endgame. The 3100 gold needed for it is usually used to get some more outright protection. Nevertheless, you can always adapt your economy to get it once your hero’s abilities are fit to synergize with it.

It’s not a bad idea to use it with Linken’s Sphere that casts away any first spell targeted at you every 12 seconds – this makes sure that a random shot that is otherwise not so serious will not trigger Combo Breaker for nothing.

Depending on the chosen route and your hero’s abilities it’s never a bad idea to use mobility items while under the influence of Aeon’s Disk triggered protection. It’s never enough to mention the Blink Dagger synergy, but other items that let you jump off are just as useful.


From all, the supportive and protective items available in Dota 2 Aeon Disk seem to be the biggest unknown when it comes to the most efficient strategy. Although there are other items used in its place, finding the funds to get it in time where your abilities can benefit from the Combo Breaker can be a cause of real pain for your opponents. Try finding the best setting to utilize its power to null the damage done to you and give you a moment to pull the right strings.