All you need to know about Dota 2 Axe in 2020

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Armor of the Shattered Vanguard

Multiplayer online battle arenas, or MOBA’s in short, are popular for a variety of reasons, one of them is that they usually have a big array of playable characters that each require a different playstyle in the same framework. The core gameplay has a simple team deathmatch structure, but each game goes on very differently even with a similar set of heroes. Dota 2 has been around for a while, yet again and again the players come up with new solutions and strategies for the available hero roster, sometimes turning the meta upside down.

One hero that is an object of such a fresh approach is Axe – a beastly berserk that is shaped to cause havoc on the battlefield. The abilities he’s executing are less damage-oriented and more about controlling how enemies perform in the clutch, toppled with a very powerful finishing move, called Culling Blade. He is a preferable tank figure, as one of his abilities force enemy heroes to target their attacks only at him for a certain time. However, on the course of last year, a new strategy has been developed by several pro players simultaneously and independently, demanding a much more mobile playstyle.

Axe’s name doesn’t come from nowhere, as he indeed uses a mighty axe to plow through enemies… although not only. With the use of some items, you can make him fight with his bare hands, of course with no impact on the damage output, as it’s only a visual effect. Otherwise, there are some pretty cool ornaments among Dota 2 best Axe cosmetic items.

Best Dota 2 Axe items

Here are five items of our blog team’s choice that will both look good on Axe and have a noticeable market value for you to monetize.

Axe Of Phractos

A red-hot weapon having a simple construction, yet foreshadowing terrible destruction. Forged in the mythical Ulmarain, it provides Axe with a fiery glowing edge to swipe through his enemies. Its rarity is Mythical, and it’s only available in the Genuine quality, thus making it a rare and very valuable find. It’s one of those senior items that are one of the most recognizable collectibles in Dota 2. For some time now its price doesn’t go below $1500.

Guard Of The Red Mist

This shield-like emblem is a very nice expansion of Axe’s lore in general. It is ornamented with the symbol of a bull-like demon, which can be found of the basic Battle Hunger ability icon. Being a thing bore on his back, not in hand, it also nicely supplements the Hunger being a burden, not a support. Recent market listings had it for $718. Just like the Axe of Phractos, it is of Mythical rarity and Genuine quality. The particle effect on this one makes the bullish demon’s eyes glow grim red.

Molten Claw

A pauldron with metal claws attached, still shining red with heat. It looks like our dear berserker just burst into a blacksmith’s forge, picked up the first thing he could reach and attached it to his back. This is one of few Dota 2 Immortal Axe items and it’s available in Genuine quality. It’s fairly popular for a less common item, and it’s also quite affordable – its price wavers between $6 and $7.

Battleaxe of the Basilisk

A very weirdly-looking weapon that still suits the Axe’s roid rage perfectly. It looks like it has been constructed out of said Basilisk’s body parts. The particle effect on this one is extremely cool – the Basilisk’s maw is constantly breathing a small flame. It is a Rare item that is available in several qualities. While the Standard one costs below $6 and Autographed and Inscribed ones go around for around $8, the Corrupted quality Battleaxe is much rarer and can be priced as high as $57.

Bracers of The Shattered Vanguard

A very aesthetic and less primitive ornament for Axe. With this item, his arms and forearms are covered with riveted brass bracers. It is a miscellaneous item, so you cannot have it on with Guard of the Red Mist, for example. It is a Mythical item, which is usually found in Standard quality, but it also has its Corrupted version. The former one costs usually only just above $2, however, the latter will peak with prices like $185. 

Where and how can you sell Dota 2 Axe items?

Depending on how rare is your item and what is its quality, you can choose if you want to just get rid of them quickly or try to post an interesting sales offer that will benefit you more. The most general place for Dota 2 Axe items trade would be the Steam Marketplace, especially if you’re dealing with Common, Uncommon or Rare items. The price differences on these aren’t drastic and you don’t have to bargain so much. However, if you get your hands on something more valuable than that, you might want to cash them in for real money. 

How can you obtain new Dota 2 Axe items?

It always depends on the speed of acquisition you demand. If you’re just a casual player, don’t worry – the items will just slowly come your way as you play official matchmaking. Better, more prepared players might want to take part in tournaments, as you can gain some items that way too. If you’re bent on getting any particular type of item, your best shot is to hit the market. Reputable marketplaces with a recognized community trust can be a good source of cosmetic items for Dota 2 Axe items.

What made Axe more popular recently?

As it was mentioned in the first part of the article, Axe has always been a decently popular choice for a tank player at the safe lane, but due to the findings of avid Axe players in the last year, it has sort of had its renaissance. Using Blink Dagger at the right time can move you out of the battle even if you’re not ready to withstand the onslaught and still disorient enemy heroes. Additionally, with Dota 2 Axe items build options are numerous and allow for very expensive bundles.


The fierce red berserker is a good choice for a traditional, tank gamplay that allows you to thrive in the middle of a heavy skirmish and destabilize enemy lines. However, it’s open to other gameplays, like being a very hit-and-run support character. What’s more, Axe Dota 2 items make for a good occasion to get some trades for serious money on the item market.