How To Buy Dota 2 Items?

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Newcomers to Dota 2 might wonder how other players achieve alternative looks to their player characters. One could wonder if it’s a matter of an unlockable outfit, but the truth is much simpler. Like some other games on Steam, Dota 2 allows players to drop certain items after successfully playing out a game on the official servers. These, however, don’t happen often and might take a while to find just what you want.

Don’t get all frowny, though, because it’s a popular game and many other players might have already dropped what you need. Dota 2 cosmetic items, like CSGO skins, are viable for exchange with other players or trading on the Steam Community Market. Also, there are third party marketplaces that elaborate on Steam’s core mechanics to facilitate the trade.

There are a couple of things to learn and internalize before you open your wallet and start buying, so keep reading and find out how to buy Dota 2 items the proper way!

How do you buy Dota 2 items?

First and foremost, before you proceed to buy Dota 2 items online, you need to prepare your Steam account to do so. To make your account protected enough to trade is to download the Steam Guard application to your mobile phone. This will allow you to receive authentication codes that are required to process any operations on Steam Community Market. After you do this for the first time, you need to wait for a week before your account is freed from the trade lock.

When that’s done, the world of item trading is open for your exploration. Most obviously, Steam Community Market is your first choice for going digital shopping. It’s available straight from the Steam application and it will allow you to search for the cosmetic items you need. It’s most useful when you’re exactly sure what you’re looking for. Steam prices are not the lowest out there, but if you’re not an avid trader and just want one or two items for your favorite character, it probably won’t bother you.

However, if you want to buy cheap Dota 2 items and experience more ease in browsing and comparing offers, head out to third party marketplaces, just like our own Skinwallet Market. The sorting is much more clear and very often you can find incredible prices on both low and high tier items. The external prices might sometimes reach lower than half of the Steam price! Additionally, you have more freedoms when it comes to managing your balance. 

Payment methods available while buying Dota 2 items

Depending on the platform you’re using to buy new weapon models and armors for the strife, you will have a couple of varied options to top up your balance.

When adding funds to your Steam Wallet, you can do so with the help of several reputable payment providers, but varying depending on your region. The most prominent of those is PayPal, but they also allow Visa or MasterCard credit cards, WebMoney or Discover, JCB or even American Express. Just remember that once you put funds into the Steam Wallet, you can only spend them in the Steam Store or Steam Community Market and cannot ever pay them out. 

When it comes to third party marketplaces, the choice is even more diverse and relies more on the region and profile of that website. Some of them even allow cryptocurrencies, but marketplaces often try to steer clear of that. Nevertheless, some ewallet services that are available for them allow you to then transfer money to something like Ethereum or Teter, so if you don’t mind a longer process, there’s that.

Dota 2 what items to buy

This really depends on what you’re going for. Buying cosmetic items is easy and straightforward. Most of the mediocre ones are cheap and will usually cost below one dollar or not more than a couple of dollars. However, if you want your pretty things to earn a buck in time, you need to approach it like an investor.

Let’s look at an example. Items like Genuine Kantusa The Script Sword seem to be on the rise in time of writing this article, be it for a general rising demand or some sort of other trend. If you look back at the item’s price history, you can see it has been going up and down. Learning to diagnose the rising trend will earn you some interest in the future. 

A couple tips for buying Dota 2 

The market for Dota’s cosmetic items is a bit more unruly than, say, CS:GO market, probably because only some of the items are universal and the others are bound to certain characters. Of course, the basic rule of thumb is that the rarer the item, the higher is its base worth. The same cape or weapon can be found in different qualities, the rarest of which seem to be the Corrupted items. These can be a couple times more expensive than their regular counterpart. If you care more for the gameplay aesthetics than the collectible value, learn to discern those types.

Additionally, it’s good to learn to use sites like DotaBuff or SteamAnalyst so that you can easily compare offers across markets and platforms. This way you can find the best offer for the item you are looking for.


While playing the game, some cosmetic items will eventually drop, but there are literally thousands of items in the pool and you might want to go for something more specific. Both Steam Community Market and third party marketplaces let players of Dota 2 buy items from a wide catalogue of offers. When going for a lower price, make sure to check the offers on third party marketplaces.

That sums it up for today. Would you like to read more about trading Dota 2 items? Is there any specific topic you would like us to elaborate on? Let us know in the comments!